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Private access to art and culture

The Culture & Travel Club provides travel opportunities that reward the traveller with an unforgettable experience. Our mission is to enable our guests to discover the timeless beauty and exciting aspects of art and culture.

We offer encounters with art and culture in selected parts of the world and in and around Germany. Extraordinary hotels as well as culinary highlights define the unusual travel packages.

Experience and competence is the basis for our wide range of customized activities. Dedication to detail is our trademark.

Our destinations offer outstanding historical, cultural and scenic backgrounds but have not yet been discovered by mass tourism. We also arrange tailor made trips to individually selected destinations.

Our valuable personal connections allow us special access to many exhibitions and museums outside of regular visiting hours as well as visits to private collections, artists’ studios, castles and gardens. We open doors that usually remain closed.

Our international relationships with museums, trusts, cultural circles and donators guarantee highest professional standards.

Customized travels, short trips, private tours, events for companies as well as VIP services for corporate guests – the Culture & Travel Club fulfills extraordinary demands with competence and style.